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In today’s business environment, companies are increasingly held accountable not only for their financial performance but also for their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. ESG compliance is essential for businesses that want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance. At Product Ident GmbH, we offer comprehensive ESG compliance services to help your business navigate these complex requirements, enhancing your corporate reputation and attracting socially conscious investors and customers.

What is ESG Compliance?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, which are the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of a company. ESG compliance involves adhering to standards and best practices in these areas, which are increasingly demanded by stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and customers.

Key Aspects of ESG Compliance

  1. Environmental: Focuses on a company’s impact on the environment, including resource use, waste management, emissions, and environmental conservation.
  2. Social: Covers how a company manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where it operates. This includes labor practices, human rights, and community engagement.
  3. Governance: Involves a company’s leadership, executive pay, audits, internal controls, and shareholder rights. It emphasizes transparency, ethical behavior, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Business Challenges and ESG Certification Standards

Overview of ESG Certification Standards

ESG certification is a voluntary program independently developed by SGS. It evaluates the performance of customers based on SGS’s standards in the categories of environment, society, and governance, conducting third-party assessments on ESG management practices, and issuing certificates to customers who meet the standards. ESG certification audits are based on ESG risk assessments, using environmental, social, and governance standards and SGS ESG guidelines.

ESG Service Elements and Certification Process

Service Elements:

  • Substantial ESG Risks: Assessing industry, region, internal and external information.
  • Certification Audit: Conducted based on SGS ESG criteria.
  • Certification Portfolio: Selection of appropriate environmental, social, and governance certification standards.
  • ESG Certificate: Issuance upon meeting the criteria.

Certification Process:

  1. Materiality Assessment
  2. Documentation/Record Check
  3. Interviews
  4. Physical/Remote Site Visits

This is a three-year certification program, including an initial review and two surveillance audits.

Why Choose Product Ident GmbH?

Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2016, Product Ident GmbH specializes in providing compliance, access, and localization solutions for cross-border companies in the EU. Our expertise extends to helping companies achieve various sustainability certifications, including comprehensive ESG compliance.

Our founder, Ms. Fang Li, has led the company with a vision of cross-border service innovation and a deep understanding of global brand development. Under her leadership, Product Ident GmbH has become a trusted partner for companies seeking to enhance their environmental and social credentials and market presence.

With a team of compliance experts located across Europe, including Prague, Czech Republic; Łódź, Poland; Debrecen, Hungary; and Amsterdam, Netherlands, we offer unparalleled support to ensure your success in achieving ESG compliance.

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Our Services

1. ESG Assessment and Gap Analysis

We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current ESG practices and identifying areas for improvement. This includes evaluating your policies, procedures, and performance against industry standards and best practices.

2. Strategy Development

Based on the assessment, our experts help you develop a tailored ESG strategy that aligns with your business goals and stakeholder expectations. This strategy includes setting measurable targets, defining key performance indicators (KPIs), and creating action plans.

3. Policy and Procedure Implementation

We assist you in developing and implementing policies and procedures that support your ESG goals. This includes establishing frameworks for environmental management, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

4. ESG Reporting and Disclosure

Our team guides you in preparing transparent and comprehensive ESG reports that meet the requirements of various stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and customers. We help you disclose relevant ESG data in alignment with global reporting standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

5. Training and Capacity Building

We offer training programs to educate your employees and management on ESG principles, policies, and practices. This ensures that everyone in your organization understands their role in achieving ESG compliance.

6. Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

We provide ongoing support to monitor your ESG performance and ensure continuous improvement. Our team helps you stay updated on the latest ESG trends and regulatory changes, ensuring your practices remain compliant and effective.

How to Achieve ESG Certification

Step 1: Initial Assessment

Begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your current ESG practices. This assessment identifies strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Step 2: Develop an ESG Strategy

Create a tailored ESG strategy that aligns with your business goals and stakeholder expectations. Set measurable targets, define key performance indicators (KPIs), and develop action plans.

Step 3: Implement Policies and Procedures

Establish and implement policies and procedures that support your ESG strategy. This includes frameworks for environmental management, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

Step 4: Data Collection and Reporting

Gather and document relevant ESG data. Prepare comprehensive and transparent reports that meet the requirements of stakeholders and align with global reporting standards such as GRI and SASB.

Step 5: External Verification

Engage an independent third-party auditor to verify your ESG practices and data. This external verification ensures credibility and compliance with ESG standards.

Step 6: Certification Application

Submit the verified ESG data and reports to the relevant certification body. Follow their guidelines and respond to any feedback or requirements during the review process.

Step 7: Continuous Improvement

Maintain and improve your ESG practices. Regularly review and update your ESG strategy, policies, and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance and effectiveness.

Comprehensive ESG Solutions

ESG Verification

  • SRA report verification
  • ESG KPI data verification
  • ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Performance Assessment
  • ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Performance Assessment
  • TCFD Maturity Assessment

ESG Performance Optimization

  • ESG report writing and optimization
  • ESG status diagnosis
  • ESG gap analysis
  • ESG performance improvement solutions

ESG Certification

  • SGS ESG certification
  • ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System
  • GB/T 39604 Social Responsibility Management System
  • Green Bond Certification (CBI)

Specialized Services

  • Environmental: Environmental management, energy management, and low-carbon solutions.
  • Social: Occupational health and safety management, quality management, information security management, asset management.
  • Governance: Compliance management system ISO 37301, anti-bribery management system ISO 37001.

Benefits of ESG Compliance

Enhanced Corporate Reputation

ESG compliance enhances your corporate reputation, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility. This can attract socially conscious investors and customers, boosting your brand value.

Risk Management

Implementing robust ESG practices helps identify and mitigate risks related to environmental impact, social issues, and governance failures. This proactive approach can prevent potential legal issues, financial losses, and reputational damage.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses that excel in ESG practices gain a competitive edge by meeting the growing demand for sustainable and responsible companies. This can lead to increased market opportunities and customer loyalty.

Investor Attraction

ESG compliance attracts investors who prioritize sustainability and ethical governance. Demonstrating strong ESG performance can lead to better access to capital and favorable investment terms.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to ESG standards helps ensure compliance with current and future regulations related to environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance. This keeps your business ahead of regulatory requirements and avoids potential penalties.  


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Since our establishment in 2016, we have accumulated extensive experience in the field of cross-border enterprise services, deeply understanding market demands. From business registration to tax filing, from accounting services to compliance consulting, we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure the smooth operation of your business in the EU. Tailored to your specific needs, our services guarantee that every detail meets your expectations and regulatory requirements.

Led by our founder, Ms. Fang Li, our expert compliance partner team is distributed across Europe to ensure you receive top-quality support wherever you are. With profound insights into the global development of Chinese brands, we provide professional market entry and compliance strategies to help you succeed in international markets.

Professional experience

Since 2016, rich cross-border service experience.

Comprehensive service

Full-service solutions for your EU business.

Customized solutions

Customized services for your needs.

Highly skilled team

Ms. Fang Li leads our compliance team across Europe.

In-depth insights & understading

Expert strategies for globalizing Chinese brands.


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Every industry comes with its own set of compliance hurdles. Our customized compliance service packages ensure tailored solutions for every sector’s unique needs.

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