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EU Compliance Package

Parent Company based in Germany, with professional tax and product compliance experiences, has serviced 1,000+ companies who want to sell products to European countries.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Recycling Compliance (Battery Passport…)
  • Green Compliance (Energy Label…)
  • Authorized Representative for CE

Taxation Services

  • VAT Registration & Compliance
  • IOSS VAT Number Registration
  • EORI Number Registration for Foreign Trade

Business Support

Who We Are

Product Compliance Experts in the EU

We have several experienced compliance experts who are familiar with various local EU tax laws and product compliance rules. We are committed to developing an effective product compliance program for e-commerce store owners who want to export to the EU.

Completed Projects

We help many sellers deal with tough issues, such as EPR, VAT, IOSS, EORI, Energy Label, etc.


Customer Satisfaction

Most of the clients who come from the electronics, cosmetics, and food industries are satisfied. 

EPR Compliance

You can be considered as a ‘Producer’ if any of the below options apply to you:

if you manufacture a product subject to EPR requirements in the country, and/or
if you import a product subject to EPR requirements into the country, and/or
if you sell a product subject to EPR requirements in the country and you are not established in that country.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy that requires producers to be responsible for the entire lifecycle of their products on the market, starting from product design to the end of the product’s life (including waste collection and disposal). Starting in 2022, if you wish to sell products in France/Germany, Amazon will be obligated to confirm whether you comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements in the country/region where the product is sold. Therefore, Amazon will collect and verify your EPR registration number.

Full services include official registration, authorized representative, and reporting and recycling management in all categories of products, to minimize your product compliance risk. If you want to inquire about EPR compliance in other EU countries, such as the UK, Italy, or Austria, please directly contact us for more details.







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Sports Equipment

DIY and Gardening









Green Compliance

Green Product, Future Ident!

Global e-commerce platforms are embracing sustainable development and green transformation. Product Ident GmbH, serving as a multi-platform provider of green certifications, assists sellers in obtaining “Climate Pledge Friendly” labels in Amazon program, acquiring support for green traffic from the platform, and enhancing the green marketing strength of their brands.

Our Team

Fang Li, CEO

Sino-European Cross-Border Entrepreneur, Cross-Cultural Business Expansion Expert, Studied and Resided in Europe for Several Decades

Zhou Xu, Chief Compliance Officer

Certified Global Product Compliance Officer, Senior Advisor on CE Marking, Master of Engineering in Germany

Dominik A, Chief Tax Officer

Former VAT Business Director at Deloitte,  Licensed Tax Advisor in Poland, VAT Expert Across European Countries

Richard W, Project Manager

IT Solutions, Environmental Compensation Management