EU Authorized Representative / UK Responsible Person Requirement for CE-marked products


The European Authorised Representative (EAR) represents non-EU manufacturers, ensuring their products meet EU regulations, especially if they lack an EU presence. They handle EU standards, and documentation, and liaise with regulators. Similarly, the UK Responsible Person assists non-UK manufacturers post-Brexit, ensuring compliance with UK rules. Both roles offer local regulatory expertise for foreign manufacturers.

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Service Items Details Annual Fee(EUR) Finished Time
EU Authorized Representative 1. Own DoC system for intelligent record-keeping, and storage of compliance documents for product safety according to CE and UKCA standards;
2. Provide contact information and label examples for customers to print on their product packaging;
3. Forwarding official emails from the EU and UK authorities;
4. Assisting clients with urgent matters concerning products detained by EU and UK authorities.
200 1-3 days
UK Responsible Person

The Responsible Person and CE-marked Products

In the intricate dance of product compliance within the European Union (EU), one figure plays a lead role: the Responsible Person. This individual or entity is a linchpin in the lifecycle of CE-marked products, which signal conformity with EU directives. But what does this mean for manufacturers outside the EU?

For products produced outside the EU’s borders, the manufacturer must appoint a Responsible Person within the EU to oversee compliance. This individual ensures the product meets all necessary EU legislation by maintaining technical documentation, conducting conformity assessments, and being the main contact for regulatory authorities.

The Responsible Person is also on the frontline for product labeling, ensuring that all products carry the correct CE markings and accompanying information. This role extends beyond the product launch, as they must oversee post-market surveillance to ensure ongoing adherence to EU standards.

This role isn’t just bureaucratic; there is a weight of legal liability resting on the shoulders of the Responsible Person. They must be prepared to take swift corrective action if products fall short of regulatory requirements, highlighting the role’s critical nature for both consumer safety and the manufacturer’s reputation.

In conclusion, the Responsible Person forms the essential bridge between non-EU manufacturers and the EU market, ensuring that products not only gain entry but also maintain the high standards required for continued distribution. As regulatory demands grow, the role of the Responsible Person will only become more central in the CE marking process.

The Responsible Person and Medical Devices

The European Union (EU) has established stringent regulations for medical devices to ensure safety and efficacy. At the heart of these regulations is the Responsible Person, a key player in ensuring that medical devices meet the EU’s regulatory standards.

The Responsible Person is tasked with navigating the complex landscape of the EU’s Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation (IVDR). Their goal is to guarantee that medical devices are compliant before entering the EU market, particularly if the manufacturer is outside the EU.

Beyond compliance, the Responsible Person is also responsible for vigilance. They must report any safety issues or adverse events to the appropriate EU authorities, contributing to the ongoing safety monitoring of medical devices on the market.

Ensuring the quality of medical devices is another area where the Responsible Person plays a vital role. They oversee the maintenance of essential documentation and the implementation of a robust quality management system.

Acting as a communication bridge between manufacturers and regulatory bodies, the Responsible Person facilitates a smooth information flow, vital for addressing any regulatory concerns and facilitating market surveillance activities.

The Responsible Person is indispensable in the EU’s regulatory framework for medical devices, assuring compliance, overseeing post-market activities, and ultimately protecting public health. As the EU continues to evolve its regulatory requirements, the role of the Responsible Person will remain crucial for manufacturers aiming to successfully navigate this complex environment.

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