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The Energy Label is a rating system that classifies the energy efficiency of products sold within the European Union. It’s mandatory for certain goods, such as household appliances, helping consumers compare and choose energy-saving options. For enterprises exporting to the EU, complying with these labeling requirements is crucial. It not only facilitates market access but also enhances product appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, potentially increasing competitiveness and market share.

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Service Items Details Annual Fee(EUR) Finished Time
EU Energy Label Supply of Energy Labels and Efficiency Charts 100 1-3 days
UK Energy Label Issuance of Energy Labels 50 1-3 days
Energy Efficiency Testing Test and issue energy efficiency reports Custom Price 1-2 weeks


Service Items Details Annual Fee(EUR) Finished Time
EU Authorized Representative 1. Own DoC system for intelligent record-keeping, and storage of compliance documents for product safety according to CE and UKCA standards;
2. Provide contact information and label examples for customers to print on their product packaging;
3. Forwarding official emails from the EU and UK authorities;
4. Assisting clients with urgent matters concerning products detained by EU and UK authorities.
200 1-3 days
UK Responsible Person

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EU Energy Label, UK Energy Label, Energy Efficiency Test Report


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