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Our Services

We offer a full service for the complete processing of your tax obligations from cross-border B2C trading transactions in Europe or automates specific processes of your transactions with individual solutions.


Company Registration

  • Corporate Services to offer registration address and administration regulations.
  • Legal Services
  • Local Business Registration

Accounting & Tax

  • Tax Compliance Consulting
  • VAT Registration and Filing in EU Countries
  • IOSS Registration and Filing
  • Special Services: Responding to Tax Authority Inquiries, Canceling Tax Identification Number, Modifying Recorded Information, Reactivating Expired Tax Identification Number, Tax Audit to Expedited Store Closure Resolution

Product Compliance

  • EPR-WEEE: Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
  • Battery and Packaging Waste Recycling Law
  • EPREL: Energy Efficiency Label Registration for Extended Producer Responsibility
  • EAR/UKAR: EU/UK Authority Responsibility
  • Cosmetic Products Compliance
  • Green Compliance
  • Battery Digital Passport
  • Recycling Compliance

Extensive Service

  • Digital Marketing Consulting for Your Brands
  • Business Management Training

Why Choose Us?

To lower supply chain liability costs, our solutions aim at more efficient fulfilment of compliance obligations, together producing for a better tomorrow.

Product compliance for environment liability of WEEE, Battery and packaging law



About PI

Product Ident GmbH, established in 2016 and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, stands at the forefront of the digitalization era 4.0. Our mission is to harness innovative solutions to empower businesses locally in Germany and the European Union on a global scale. To support the robust and sustainable growth of cross-border business endeavors such as trading, e-commerce, and services, we have assembled a hand-picked team of cross-border compliance experts. These trusted professionals work closely on a daily basis, offering a comprehensive suite of highly professional consulting solutions under a single roof.

Our Team

Fang Li, CEO

Sino-European Cross-Border Entrepreneur, Cross-Cultural Business Expansion Expert, Studied and Resided in Europe for Several Decades

Zhou Xu, Chief Compliance Officer

Certified Global Product Compliance Officer, Senior Advisor on CE Standards and European Product Compliance, Master of Engineering in Germany

Dominik A, Chief Tax Officer

Former VAT Business Director at Deloitte,  Licensed Tax Advisor in Poland, VAT Expert Across European Countries

Richard W, Project Manager

IT Solutions, Environmental Compensation Management

Our Business Partners

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