GuideU × Product Ident
GuideU is a cross-border B2B professional compliance SaaS system built in China to provide a one-stop shop solution for pan-European VAT compliance. Product Ident provides professional pan-European VAT knowledge and technical support for the system.

With the growing popularity of cross-border e-commerce, there is a growing demand for tax services as well. Traditional tax services have problems such as language barriers and different tax filing processes in different countries. GuideU realizes the functions of automatic VAT calculation, VAT preview, independent filing, direct connection to the tax authorities, solving the pain points of tax filing and improving the efficiency.

Based on the VAT number registration API provided by Product Ident, GuideU system helps clients to apply for VAT number in European countries online. New registration and transfer of VAT number for Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands are now available.

Product Ident provides automatic tax calculation rules and API.

The automatic tax calculation function of the GuideU system enables the consolidation and calculation of all sales reports from main platforms such as Amazon, Selling and other e-commerce platforms (e.g. Ebay, OTTO, Allegro, Bol.Com). Upload multi-platform reports, consolidate tax, preview tax drafts instantly and tax composition at a glance.

Upon receipt of a filing request from GuideU, Product Ident confirms the tax and files it to the local tax authorities of each country and sends receipts back to GuideU system.