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Product Ident GmbH, created in 2016, located in industry pearl city, Stuttgart, South Germany. Starting up at the era of digitalization 4.0, we have a mission to apply our innovative solutions, to empower global business in Germany and EU locally with digitalized solutions. In order to accompany robust & sustainable growth of cross border business (trading, Ecommerce and services), we strike with our hand-picked cross-border compliance team & well trusted experts to work closely on daily base, to provide highly professional consulting solutions under one roof.


We offer a full service for the complete processing of your tax obligations from cross-border B2C trading transactions in Europe or automates specific processes of your transactions with individual solutions.

Pan EU VAT compliance for cross-border business

VAT registration, filing and full compliance consultation

Self-operated tax firms, intelligent tax calculation, direct declaration

EuClear cloud based IOSS intermediary services

Compliance Obligations
To lower supply chain liability costs, our solutions aim at more efficient fulfilment of compliance obligations, together producing for a better tomorrow.

Product compliance for environment liability of WEEE, Battery and packaging law

Self-built authorized person system
True declaration and recycling
Close contact with official agencies
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