You should meet all the requirements to join the Allegro One Fulfillment Service campaign:
1. register for Polish VAT through the exclusive link;
2. have an Allegro-verified store, then sell products on Allegro and use Allegro’s official warehouse service;
3. Allegro will bear the registration and first-year declaration fees, and the event will end on December 31, 2023; you must still bear tax responsibilities and expenses outside the event.

Allegro最近联合Product Ident GmbH推出以下福利
您应满足加入 Allegro One Fulfillment Service 活动的所有要求:
1. 通过专属链接注册波兰增值税;
2. 拥有Allegro认证的店铺,然后在Allegro上销售产品,并使用Allegro的官方仓储服务;
3. 报名费和首年申报费由Allegro承担,活动截止至2023年12月31日; 活动之外的税务责任和费用仍需自行承担。